Pressure System Overhaul & Upgrade


Bringing an older water well system up to speed with modern equipment and technology.

For this pressure system revamp, I first had to remove the customer’s old pump. It was replaced with a state-of-the-art variable speed system that delivers steady water pressure regardless of demand. Along with water pump replacement, I also replaced the old water softener and filtration system with an auto regen softener and inline filtration system to bring the works up to speed with today’s technology and efficiencies. In the process, I also reconfigured the water system controls with a better manifold installed up off the ground at chest height. This allows for easy access to the system, which I also labelled and configured in a neat and tidy manner so it’s not only convenient for the customer to operate but also saves a lot of space.

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

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