Water System Revamp, Re & Re Tank, Pump, Filtration, Manifold


Constant Pressure Duplex Pumping System, Inline Filtration and Sterilization

This project was a straight forward Re & Re where an old water pump system with a clunky configuration was more than ready to retire. As you can see in the “before & after” photo, I made sure that the new system was logically configured and mounted in a tidy, easy-access fashion. Upgrading just about every component and then adding some modern technology, the “duplex” system draws water from the well and stores it in a holding tank – though the home could still draw directly from the well if it needed to. Inline there’s now a Viqua Whole Home UV Water Disinfection System comprised of both sediment filters and a high output UV lamp contained in a stainless steel chamber with electronic monitoring that delivers optimum sterilization even when electrical power and/or water flow fluctuates. I installed a Grundfos control unit for the constant-pressure pump system, then mounted and labelled everything so it’s easy to operate, monitor and maintain.

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

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