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Out in the back forty performing a flow test on a forgotten well.

For this job I’m running a well test out in the middle of field. This one is just a raw well, no pump installed. I get a lot of calls for well tests, often from realtors looking to make a proper assessment of a rural property’s market value or the viability of a subdivision. A water well that’s producing certainly adds value! But it’s often the case that any given water well was drilled long ago but then abandoned for one reason or the other. Maybe it came up dry or maybe it produced lots of water but building plans changed. It’s a mystery I can solve. As you can see, my service truck and trailer can access just about any well site to perform these well tests and water assessments. I bring all the electrical and mechanical power plus the equipment needed to perform flow testing in one shot. It’s really a complete service facility on wheels that I designed and built from scratch over the many years of my field testing experience. In the end, this well proved to be a great producer, making it an ideal spot for a Livestock Waterer. Mystery solved!

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

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