Re & re, new variable speed Gundfos pumping solution, AIO filtration


Bulky well water system replaced with high performance, low maintenance VS pump.

This water pump and filtration project first called for the removal (and disposal) of the acreage’s old pressure system. It was big and bulky, useful in its day but ready for replacement by a new variable-speed/constant pressure system by Grundfos along with AIO (Air Injection Oxidizing) filtration. I perform this sort of water system upgrade regularly and have developed some standard practices for the whole process, not the least of which is setting a 1″ sheet of plywood into the studs for a sturdier and tidier place to mount the new hardware. Relying on studs alone really limits the design options. In the end the entire system takes up much less space, hung at shoulder height for easy access to valves, controls and filter cartridges.

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

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