Fixing a backyard drainage problem with new collector, sump and pump


Dewatering a backyard prone to flooding

This customer’s walkout basement home had an unfortunate design characteristic when it was first built many years ago. The backyard was not only below grade but also the low point of the surrounding terrain. This would cause rain, runoff and meltwater to pool in the backyard, making it a soggy and unusable for weeks at a time (not to mention a health hazard and potential threat to the home’s foundation). The fix was pretty straightforward since the front yard at street level was above grade with a gentle slope to the neighbourhood drainage ditch nearby. So we excavated a pit at the low point and levelled it with a layer of gravel. I then fitted it with 24″ corrugated drain pipe set vertically, which I had perforated with a saw so it could collect water. I then installed a winterized pump and float switch drawing power from the home connected to discharge piping we had trenched and lined to run up the side of the house, expelling into the storm drain/ditch. The riser was later landscaped along with the rest of the yard to blend in nicely and, of course, make the yard entirely usable again.

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

Got a backyard drainage problem?

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 Before and After shot of this water system revamp shows how much I like a nice, tidy, uncluttered configuration at chest height for easy access. #waterfilter #waterpump #watersystem #highriver #okotoks #offthegrid
 Another #airlift job. Always fun, usually mucky, definitely important. #wellservices #highriver #okotoks #offthegrid
 Dewatering project, Alberta, Pump, Float Switch, Discharge Line. Rain, runoff and meltwater collected in backyard, pumped up to storm drains out front rather than creating a swamp.
 Another re & re project, upgraded to constant pressure system, air-injection/oxidizing filtration and a tidy, easy access control panel. #waterpump #grundfos #waterfiltration #highriver #okotoks #blackie #vulcan #nanton #alberta
 In 25 years of providing water well services, I've never come across a pump issue quite like this. Rock in the well pump! That's one tenacious pebble. Shouldn't have better able to get in there in the first place, let alone jam up the pump. But that's why I love my job - every day is different. This mysterious "no water" call came over the summer. Everything worked out perfectly in the end! #waterwell #wellpump #wellservices #highriver #okotoks
 Complete Duplex water systems designed and installed #offthegrid #waterwell #wellpump #waterfilter #watersoftener #reverseosmosiswater #reverseosmosis #albertalife

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Based in High River, Alberta, All's Well Filtration & Plumbing Solutions is proud to serve the residents of this town, the MD of the Foothills and the many Southern Alberta communities beyond. We are dedicated to supporting and referring reputable local businesses and contractors by partnering with them exclusively as needs arise or water systems products are required. We firmly believe that enduring economic instability and a string of natural disasters over the last few years has made us a better company because we share this common bond with our proud, resilient and steadfast community.

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