Cistern system, Grundfos SCALA2 installed


To keep costs down, this was a straightforward water system installation that’s easy to maintain and built to last.

This well water storage and pumping solutions includes 2 x 500 gallon bolt-together fiberglass water tanks running in series, equalizing through a 1.25″ PVC Sch40 pipe connection. Water from the well is stored here and pumped into the home through a new Grundfos SCALA2 boosting pump. The SCALA2 a brand new model from Grundfos designed to “providing perfect water pressure in all taps at all times – even with multiple taps and showers running at the same time” – which it does!

I also added a low water level alarm for added protection of the cistern system. Technically, an alarm is optional but I like to build water systems that my customers can rely on for years and years.

Brett Smith

Owner, Water Systems Specialist All’s Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions Ltd

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Alpine Waterworks

All's Well Filtration & Plumbing Solutions recommends Alpine Waterworks for your water cistern cleaning needs. They provide an exceptional service at good rates.

Glacier Water

All's Well Filtration & Pumping Solutions is proud to endorse Glacier Water Transport Service. Delivering potable water to Southern Albertans for more than 20 years, you can trust and rely on them for all your water supply needs. They're great people and a great local business.

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Based in High River, Alberta, All's Well Filtration & Plumbing Solutions is proud to serve the residents of this town, the MD of the Foothills and the many Southern Alberta communities beyond. We are dedicated to supporting and referring reputable local businesses and contractors by partnering with them exclusively as needs arise or water systems products are required. We firmly believe that enduring economic instability and a string of natural disasters over the last few years has made us a better company because we share this common bond with our proud, resilient and steadfast community.

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 Dry fire hydrant installed on a rural commercial property for peace of mind (and insurance purposes). It's connected to a large capacity cistern underground below the frost line to act as a year round water supply drawn out by a pumper truck if needed - hopefully never! #firehydrant #firehydrants #cisterns #waterstorage #highriver #okotoks #firesupression #farmlifebestlife #priddis #priddisgreens #sprucemeadows
 Installed a SCALA2 Boosting Pump which is a new model from @Grundfos that does a great job at supplying water to the home at steady pressure - even with multiple taps running. #grundfos #waterpump #waterpumps #wellwater #highriver #okotoks #priddis #priddisgreens #allswell #vulcanab #nanton #sundrie #langdon #farmlifebestlife

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